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Las Vegas Convention Center
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Air Blown Fiber - Is It Just Hot Air?

  • Wednesday, 03/29/2017: 10:00 AM - 11:15 AM
  • Room: S226
  • Session Number:  W08


More fiber optic cable will be installed in the US in the next couple years than in the last ten. The push for fiber to the customer premise is driving this demand.  MSOs and Telecom companies are looking for the best way to beef up their fiber networks.  This need has lead construction companies to find faster ways to install cable in the ground or air.  The process of air blown fiber is fitting this need. This technique, used in Europe for years is now starting a buzz in the US market.  Air blown fiber offers a faster and less stress delivery of fiber optic cable in a network.  The special ducts used in air blown fiber can be installed in existing ducts of the network because of the smaller size of the cable and duct used in the process. How the duct is installed and the route it follows is important to get right. The proper planning will be covered to ensure better installations.


    Dennis Brown