Conference: March 27-31, 2017
Exhibits: March 29-30, 2017

Las Vegas Convention Center
Las Vegas, NV

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RF & Laser Safety at Wireless Sites

  • Wednesday, 03/29/2017: 4:15 PM - 5:30 PM
  • Room: S226
  • Session Number:  W38


RF and Fiber Safety for Wireless is designed for all workers who might come in contact with or be exposed to radio frequency radiation (RFR) or optical lasers used in wireless networks. This session covers four areas aimed at training the worker and general public including, who regulates this industry and potential hazards, what is the hazard, recognizing the hazard and mitigating the hazard.   This is not a certification course, rather a preview of the subject and the increasing important in todays’ wireless environment.  With an increase in the amount of RF energy in our environment, the importance for those installing and maintaining wireless to understand the potential dangers is growing.  Most carrier and integrators require this training on an annual basis.


    Tom Dover

    Dover Telecommunication Services, Inc.