Conference: March 27-31, 2017
Exhibits: March 29-30, 2017

Las Vegas Convention Center
Las Vegas, NV

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Steve Macke

Advent C3


Stephen Macke has held a number of key positions with some of the major telecommunications manufacturers over the last 30+ years, prior to creating Advent C3. Stephen was the Vice President of Marconi’s North American Fixed Wireless team. Stephen focused directly on the Wireless Carrier marketplace to define network applications for voice, data and video. He co-authored the North American wireless local loop strategy for Marconi and he was the liaison to the product management team for developing technology roadmaps for new products. In addition, Stephen worked with other manufacturers of network elements and special systems integrators to create more channels to market and develop strategic and tactical business relationships. He represented Marconi at technical conferences as a subject matter expert/speaker for the optical and wireless products. Stephen's engagements span a variety of markets and technologies including tech leads on a 15.5 million dollar public safety voice and data network, a wide area TETRA radio system for a Utility Company, and a wireless communications network for Hillsborough Community College. He has worked internationally in Yemen and Haiti and was also part of the technology consultancy with Cummins Intl to provide wireless communications throughout their facilities in Southern Indiana. He has held technical staff position as a Senior Consultant at Georgia Tech Research Institute in the Communications and Networking Division. Previously, Stephen held several key managerial sales positions during his eleven-year tenure at Motorola Communications and Electronics. While at Motorola he played various roles in the strategy and deployment of mobile phone networks, paging systems, rural radiotelephone networks, telephone maintenance radio systems, special mobile relay networks, and point-to-point microwave networks.


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