Conference: March 27-31, 2017
Exhibits: March 29-30, 2017

Las Vegas Convention Center
Las Vegas, NV

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Mr. Andrew Ruschak

Wireless Technology Consultant


Andy Ruschak is a Wireless Technology Consultant with Stantec, an international firm involved in the design, engineering and procurement of government and LMR systems. He has been closely involved in the RF surveying, engineering design, planning and procurement of a wide variety of code-compliant public safety and neutral-host in-building (DAS) systems. He has worked closely with regional code enforcement officials in providing training on signal reinforcement technology, as well as with radio system owners to understand the impact and planning for DAS as Fire Codes become nationally enforced.

Andy has been involved in radio communications as a career spanning 25 years of industry and military experience. Andy is a graduate of San Jose State University with B.S in Industrial Technology and also a retired Naval Reserve Officer. He holds an FCC GROL with Radar Endorsement, Extra Class Amateur Radio License and is active on DMR and P25 modes in the Pacific Northwest region.


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