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IWCE's Network Infrastructure Forum

The line is blurring between LMR and non-consumer cellular/LTE as more reliable connectivity is necessary for outdoor, indoor, deployable networks, small cells, smart cities and the Internet of Things. Enhance your connectivity and coverage to make sure your network is always available. From the tower and antenna to the individual to machines, IWCE’s Network Infrastructure Forum provides the understanding, products and services to assure that your network is always connected, always on.

Since 1977 IWCE has been the go-to event for communications technology for non-consumers. Critical radio systems, handheld devices, spectrum management, backhaul, interoperability, and FirstNet – we’ve covered it all over the years. With the proliferation of cellular, network connectivity and coverage take on a whole new meaning. Now that the transition from LMR to an LTE infrastructure has begun, IWCE is ready with IWCE’s Network Infrastructure Forum.

With a new five-day conference track focused on infrastructure, you get more education than ever. Attend sessions like:

  • Why Do We Care About In-Building Wireless Coverage?
  • Mobile Cell Site Farm Animals: New Technologies in Deployable Wireless Solutions
  • Introduction to the New Wireless Site: HetNets, Small Cells
  • Public Safety and DAS Requirements and Enhancements
  • Rural Coverage: Off-Grid Communications
  • In-Building on Steroids: Coverage in Tunnels, Mines and Other Underground Structures
  • Case Study in Wireless Sites’ Power Options
  • Towers: Towers: More Rules? New Rules? Better Rules???
  • Renewable Energy Off-Grid Tower & Equipment Power Strategies; for harsh and remote sites (even in winter!)
  • Smart Digital Maps for In-Building Awareness
  • Tower Safety and RF Exposure
  • Getting Ready for 5G: Network Densification through Small Cells, HetNets, Backhaul
  • Deployable Networks: Bring Your Own Coverage (BYOC) Solution for Instant Coverage
  • Public Safety Centric Digital DAS
  • What NFPA Rules Mean for In-Building Coverage 

And don't forget to visit the vendors in the Network Infrastructure Pavilion on the exhibit floor.  To learn more about exhibiting in the Network Infrastructure Forum, click here