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App Pavilion 

Booths start at #3559
Mobile applications can play an important role in critical communications, empowering its users with improved safety, situational awareness and efficiency. Its use by first responders and the public safety community has drastically increased in recent years. Visit the App Center on the show floor to interact with a variety of industry-related apps.

Wearable Technology Pavilion

Booths start at #3579
Did you know that the wearable tech market is projected to be worth $34 billion by 2020? Wearables including body cameras, smart glasses, belts and sensors are a good chunk of that. Visit the Wearable Technology Pavilion to learn more about these products. 

Drone Zone

Booths start at #381
Drones are no longer just a novelty item. They are making their mark among law enforcement, public safety departments and critical infrastructure, being used for everything from communications tower inspections, to helping manage security incidents (or avoid them) and more. Check out the latest in the Drone Zone. 

iCert Pavilion

Booths start at #349
iCERT plays an important role as the voice of the commercial sector in the field of emergency calling and response technologies. Business leaders’ expertise – through membership in iCERT – assists policymakers and agency professionals as they address complex choices regarding advanced communications technology alternatives. Through advocacy, research and in coordination with the public sector, the Industry Council plays a vital role in the development and deployment of emergency communications technologies. Join your industry colleagues and experience this unique setting for B2B knowledge exchange and public sector engagement. 

Job Training and Education Center

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Visit the new Job Training and Education Center at IWCE! Whether you are a new graduate looking for a job or simply want to expand your skill set in your current situation, IWCE’s partners are available to discuss job training, continuing education and career planning. Exhibitors may also post any open positions they may have within their company. Whether you are a technician, engineer, in a leadership position or a marketer, visit IWCE’s Job Training and Education Center to kick-start your career. 

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Product Showcase

Registration Area
IWCE's Product Showcase offers a look at the latest, most innovative technologies in the industry. For more information on the products, click here. Be sure to select your favorites ahead of time so you can check them out on-site! Displays will be located by the entrance of the exhibit hall.

Recharge Lounge 

Looking to charge your phone or laptop? Hop on over to the charging lounge located to the back left of the exhibit hall in the Network Infrastructure Forum area. 

Priority Lounge 

The Priority Lounge is the perfect satellite office while you’re at the show. It is included in the Super Pass or can be added on to any other badge when you register. Click here to view pricing. Get access to the following perks:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Computers/printers
  • Charging stations
  • Light refreshments
  • On-site concierge
  • Professional Headshots* (by appointment only)