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Mission Critical Technologies@IWCE

The intelligence that flows between citizens, responders, and agencies is critical to building a safer city. But with an accelerated rate of change and emerging challenges, how can first-responders keep up with the emerging technologies and leverage them to deliver an optimized emergency response? Likewise, enterprises with business-critical operational needs on the factory floor, aircraft flight line, logistics center or shipping port are finding new opportunities made possible with critical communications broadband networks. 

Mission Critical Technologies@IWCE will address the challenges and the opportunities, and how best to tackle these. Bringing together first-responders and enterprise stakeholders from across the US as well as the most forward-thinking technology providers, Mission Critical Technologies@IWCE will address the biggest opportunities in the current and future marketplace. Learn how new LTE and 5G communications transform workflows in both the public and private sectors. Explore topics such as UAVs, cloud-based control room technologies, new approaches to digital evidence management, AI, and more.

Exhibitor List

Demo Stage Schedule

For more information on exhibiting:


Stephanie McCall
(303) 379-9159


Lucy Green
(949) 838-2160

Exhibit Hall Hours

Wednesday, March 6
10:00 am – 5:30 pm

Thursday, March 7
10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Future Dates

IWCE 2020
Conference: March 30 – April 3
Exhibits: April 1 - 2
Las Vegas Convention Center; Las Vegas, NV