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Mr Mark Dettmer

President & Founder
Mission Critical Energy Inc.


Since his college days in the 1980s, Mark Dettmer has pursued a mission to develop sustainable renewable energy applications integrating wind-power, solar photovoltaic and energy storage equipment for remote places world. Since 1995, Mark has been involved with rural electrification programs in Mongolia, mainland China, Japan, Germany and, of course, here in North America. In 2011, he was featured as an ‘Industry Leader’ by Solar Industry Magazine.
Today he is the President of the renewable energy company he founded in 2003, Mission Critical Energy, Inc., a company specializing in powering remote sites in harsh conditions including those in the open-ocean, deserts, mountaintops and the arctic regions of the world.
Dettmer’s successful integration strategies have allowed towers to stay powered where it was not possible before and do so for years at a time – autonomous and unattended – something greatly appreciated by a long and growing list of prestigious customers.


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