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Event: August 24 - 27, 2020
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Cybersecurity Press Release

IWCE's Critical Communications Industry Insights report finds 64% of the critical communication industry feel they don’t have enough cybersecurity measures in place against hackers.


Atlanta, One out of five critical communications industries have had a cybersecurity incident within the past year and yet 64% do not regularly test their cybersecurity systems, according to a new report from IWCE, the leading event for the critical communications industry. 


The report surveyed over 597 professionals working within the sector to benchmark the current technologies being used and technological challenges within the industry. 


4.5% of respondents claim they have a full-time ethical hacker on staff but one out of five admit they do not have any cybersecurity systems in place at all. 


Stephanie McCall, show director for IWCE commented “While cybersecurity incidents affect every industry around the world, an attack within the critical communications ecosystem which includes police, fire and emergency services has the potential to affect people’s lives. As hacks become more frequent and sophisticated it is imperative that any organization working within the ecosystem has the most sophisticated cybersecurity systems in place to avoid interruption of their crucial services.”


Types of attack

  • 61% experienced malware attacks 
  • 56% experienced phishing
  • 27% experienced ransomware attacks
  • 22% experienced a data breach
  • 16% have had a distributed denial of service 
  • 10% reported they had advanced threats (an unauthorized user gains access to a system or network and remains there for an extended period of time without being detected)                               

Cost of attack

Cyber attacks not only can disrupt service but also have financial implications to repair them. 

  • 38% of cyber attacks cost less than $100k 
  • 10% of cyber attacks cost $100k-$1 million 
  • 2% of the respondents claimed the cyber attack cost their company $1-$10million 

Furthermore, as cybersecurity and privacy implications can come from third parties, many organizations are now putting cybersecurity and data protection agreements in place with third-party vendors. 64% claim they do have third-party cybersecurity agreements with their vendors while 36% do not. 


Bringing your own device to work 


We live in a smartphone era, and more and more organizations are moving towards requiring or allowing their staff to use their own devices for work. However, this brings up a number of security and privacy challenges as personal smartphones contain both personal and private company information. 44% of the critical communications industry reported using their personal devices for work.


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