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IWCE 2020 Virtual Event FAQs

We are excited to announce the launch of IWCE Virtual, a digital experience to be held August 24-27, 2020, that will allow our entire global community to participate. Many of you may have questions on what a virtual event means for you whether you are an attendee, exhibitor or sponsor.

Please read through our virtual event FAQs for more information: 

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Registration FAQs

What if I am registered as an attendee for the IWCE 2020 in-person event?

Your pass will be automatically transferred to the 2021 in-person event. In addition, we will provide a complimentary, comparable level of access of your 2020 pass to sessions, booth, training, etc. for the IWCE virtual event.

How do I claim my pass to IWCE 2020 if I was registered for the March 2020 event?

You must confirm your pass to the IWCE Virtual Event by logging into the registration page using the same email address you used to register for the live event. Your profile for the virtual event will be automatically created. You'll receive an email with a button directing to a login page where you will create your new password specifically for accessing the IWCE Virtual event. 

If you don't see this email in your mailbox, please check your spam and whitelist

What if I don't remember my password?

If you've forgotten your password after entering your email, click on "Send me a magic link" to receive an email to reset your password.

General FAQs

Will IWCE 2020 take place?

Yes! Although we aren’t having a physical show in Las Vegas this August, we are committed to keeping this community connected during the same week of August 24-27, 2020, virtually.

What does it mean by taking IWCE 2020 as a virtual event?

A virtual event is an interactive gathering online. IWCE 2020 virtual will provide a platform for attendees and exhibitors to interact without having to travel to Las Vegas. Education, discussions, roundtables, interactive booths and networking options will all be available during the online event. In addition, the virtual event will be available OnDemand with access 24/7.

Is the IWCE Virtual event platform secure?

Informa digital events are secured by employing a layered defence-in-depth approach, comprising administrative, technical and physical controls aligned with industry good practice to protect the confidentiality, availability and integrity of digital technology, content and customer data. Please see the view the Informa Digital Event Security document for more information. 

Why should I attend the IWCE 2020 virtual event?

You don’t have to travel and can access the event wherever you are in the world. While we value the in-person connections that take place at IWCE each year, you will still be able to network, learn and engage with your industry peers at our virtual event. 

When will IWCE 2021 in-person event be held?

Stay tuned for information coming out shortly!

For Attendees

Can I interact with the exhibitors I was planning to meet in-person in Las Vegas at IWCE 2020?

Yes, with this IWCE 2020 virtual event, we will provide a platform for attendees to interact with exhibitors that choose to participate in the online event.

Will any sessions be made available virtually?

IWCE will deliver robust, high-quality content including keynotes, conference tracks, training, workshops, roundtables and working groups that you were looking forward to at the year’s in-person event.

I was not registered to attend the IWCE 2020 in-person event. Will I be able to purchase a registration for the virtual event?

Yes, registration information for IWCE 2020 virtual will be available for those interested in attending but were not previously registered for the in-person event. Updates are posted to or you can sign up here to receive virtual events information directly to your inbox.

What if I booked my hotel and flight for the in-person event in August?

You will need to contact your travel provider for both your hotel and flights. For further attendee questions, please email us at

For Exhibitors & Sponsors

What are the options for exhibitors that were scheduled to exhibit at the in-person event?

There are three options:

  1. Apply all or some of the funds to the virtual event. 
  2. Apply the monies to the IWCE 2021 event.
  3. Receive a full refund.

What kinds of opportunities will there be to participate as a vendor in the virtual event?

The IWCE team is currently working on options to provide exhibitors/sponsors the opportunity to participate in the event. We expect to have more information by the middle of June.

What about any services I have already paid for?

IWCE exhibitors should work directly with their contracted vendors for any questions related to refunds and contracted services.

Can I interact with buyers and media I was planning to meet at IWCE 2020 in Las Vegas?

Yes, there will be multiple ways to showcase your products and make appointments with registered buyers and media with the virtual event. We will provide guidance to make the most of your experience before and during the event.

Will IWCE 2021 booth selection for exhibitors take place?

Since we have moved from the North Hall to the new West Hall, all exhibitors will be re-contacted regarding booth selection. This includes exhibitors that participated in space draw prior to the scheduled in-person event in March. All exhibitors will be contacted based on priority points to select booth space for 2021.

For further questions regarding exhibiting and/or sponsorships please contact our sales team. 

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