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Shelley Westall

Broadband Program Director
Washington State Public Works Board


Shelley Westall is the Broadband Program Director for the Washington Public Works Board. The program, authorized during the 2019 legislative session, will develop a loan and grant program to fund expansion of broadband services to unserved areas of the state.

Ms. Westall was previously appointed State Point of Contact for Public Safety Wireless Technology by Washington Governor Jay Inslee.

As the State Point of Contact, Shelley’s unique engagement approach successfully reached over 1 million national, state, local, and tribal stakeholders. Ms. Westall developed a nationally recognized tribal outreach program. Her outreach efforts with Washington’s 29 federally recognized tribes was designed to honor tribal traditions and sovereignty.

Shelley was the creative director and executive producer for the award winning public safety communications series (17 film industry awards) which includes the 30-minute award winning documentary, Shots Fired, which has been featured on PBS channels nationwide.

Ms. Westall has served three governors in her career with Washington State. She has also worked in the private sector as a successful realtor and with the Intel Corp. In her work, Ms. Westall’s focus is to bring people together, learn what is important to them, and share their stories with those making policy decisions.