NG911 Webinars

FirstNet promises to provide public-safety personnel in the field with IP-based connectivity at broadband speeds that will support multimedia interactions. But legacy 911 systems—built on a technological foundation established when 911 was established 50 years ago—are not able to handle videos, photos or large data natively. IP-based next-generation 911 (NG911) platforms are designed to address this problem, but deploying NG911 nationwide will require significant changes in funding, technology and operations at public-safety answering points (PSAPs).

NG911: How Do We Pay for This?

On Demand
Moderator: Ashley Schultz, Grants Development Consultant, Grants Office, LLC
Panelists: Dan Henry, Director of Government Affairs, NENA
Kelli Merriweather, Vice President/Treasurer, National Association of State 911 Administrators, and Director, Texas Council on State Emergency Communications

Lisa Madden, VP, NG911 and FirstNet, Winnbourne Consulting, LLC and iCERT

Funding for new technology is never easy, especially at the local-government level, which is where the budgets for most 911 and PSAP systems reside. Gain insights on the status of proposed federal legislation and state initiatives to deploy NG911, as well as whether any potential synergies may exist with FirstNet or smart-community initiatives. 

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Location Services: Why Can’t 911 Find Me But My Rideshare Can?

On Demand
Moderator: John Foley, General Manager, Safer Buildings Coalition
Panelists: Roger Hixson, Technical Director, NENA

Reinhard Ekl, Vice President of Product & Public Safety, RapidSOS
Thomas Sawanobori, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, CTIA

With the advent of mobile-phone technology, 911 isn’t working like it should. At the push of a button, consumers can get a ride, a meal—even a dog sitter—delivered to our exact location. But responders can face severe challenges finding our location during an emergency, particularly in urban areas with high-rise buildings. Examine how partnerships with operators, emergency responders and municipalities are working to address this issue and how new technologies are changing the paradigm.

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Operational Considerations for NG911

On Demand
Moderator: Alan Tilles, Partner, Shulman Rogers Gandal Pordy & Ecker, P.A.
Panelists: Chris Carver, PSAP Operations Director, NENA
Jeff Cohen, Chief Counsel, APCO International
Robert Bloom, CMCP RPL CPE, Public Safety Systems Administrator, City of Alexandria

Learn more about the technical capabilities enabled by NG911 and the operational opportunities—and challenges—they present to PSAPs. From the tech to the dispatcher, explore the readiness at the local and regional levels to adapt to potential operational and technical changes, including the ability to receive, process and distribute photos and videos from the public to first responders in a manner that makes the information usable and actionable in the field during an emergency response.

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