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Technical Training to Keep You on Your A-Game

IWCE 2021 is proud to partner with ETA® International - the leader in accredited, industry-recognized certifications for technical professionals - to provide in-depth technical tests and training across key areas of expertise. ETA has issued over 150,000 technical certifications covering more than 80 certification programs in a variety of technology fields. You can find ETA-certified professionals working for many well-known companies like Motorola, Google, ESPN, and the United States Armed Forces.

About ETA International

ETA is a not-for-profit 501(c)(6) trade association that serves technology-related industries by providing individual certifications per the ISO 17024 standard for certification bodies. ETA works closely with top industry professionals to provide industry-backed certifications that fill the needs of ETA's members, though membership is not required to take an ETA examination. ETA technical certifications are:

  • Accredited by the International Certification Accreditation Council (ICAC)
  • Industry-approved through alignment to ISO standards
  • Available for military COOL reimbursement
  • Vendor-neutral

ETA Training Courses & Tests

More information on courses can be found below. Pricing includes the training and test. For test only options, choose the ETA Test-Only pass in registration.

An Introduction to 5G 1-day training: Wednesday, September 29.  Pre-event: $495; Onsite: $549.

Associate Certified Electronics Training (CET) 2-day training: Wednesday, September 29 and Thursday, September 30. Pre-event and Onsite  $475

Cybersecurity and Information Technology Specialist Training (ITS) 3-day training: Tuesday, September 27; Wednesday, Thursday Pre-event $1099; Onsite: $1199

DAS and BDA Design, Installation and Maintenance 2-day training: Pre-event: $899; Onsite: $949

Fiber Optics for Wireless 4-Day training:  $1850

General Communications Technician Training 2-day training pre-event: $899; Onsite: $949

Line and Antenna Sweep Training 2-day training:  Pre-event: $899; Onsite: $949

Microwave Fundamentals 2-day training Pre-event $899; Onsite $949

Practical Antenna Basics - Making Sense of RF Propagation Everyday Communication Systems 2-day training Pre-event $899; Onsite $949

Radio Frequency Interference and Mitigation 2-day training Pre-event $899; Onsite $949

*Please note, all training must be purchased seperately from the IWCE packages. In addition, a track organized by ETA will take place on Wednesday or Thursday.